The Second Lantern Festival for Rongsheng Employees
As the New Year begins, let us also start a new life! It is also the annual Lantern Festival. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, promote Chinese traditional culture, and encourage the production and operation of the new year, a good start was made. On February 19, the theme event of "Moon Full Eve - the Second Lantern Festival of Traditional Culture for Superpower Employees" was held jointly by the Party Committee and trade unions of Rosen Group, which attracted more than 200 employees.
"Agricultural products - hit an idiom", "the broadest mind - hit an idiom"...
"Shoot a little further forward", "Aim and shoot again"...
This event includes Lantern Riddles - decryption games, Archery - shooting games, New Year's money - throwing games, blindfolded painting - personal games, clockwork - team games and other activities, all kinds of fun. During the activity, everyone scratched their hands, scrambled to enjoy themselves and laughed at the scene.
"Happy Lantern Festival" is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation. The group organizes a happy Lantern Festival to enrich employees'spare-time spiritual and cultural life and enhance their sense of belonging, at the same time, to further increase the festival atmosphere, so that employees can enjoy a lively Lantern Festival.